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herbsDid you know that recent statistics show that herbal product sales reached 6.4 billion dollars last year? Yes, BILLIONS! Also did you know that a survey that was published by the Mayo Clinic found that 2/3 of the participants did not use herbal products according to evidence-based indications? This is an alarming statistic.

There is a myth that herbal products are safe because they are “natural”. Although herbal products typically don’t produce the unwanted side effects as a traditional pharmaceutical, it still needs to be taken with caution. Making sure that you are consuming a quality product for the proper use of the supplement is very important. It takes a skilled herbalist to gather a person’s health history along with current health status and give trusted information to a client who is seeking to utilize the wonderful benefits of natural supplements. A trained herbalist will have the tools and resources to educate on indications and interactions for those taking pharmaceuticals as well as herbal supplements.

There are numerous diploma mills on the internet today.  But Franklin Institute of Wellness is an institution that prides itself on being accredited by the state to educate students in evidence-based education.  For this reason, I chose Franklin Institute of Wellness for my training. Being educated and trained to handle the great responsibility of educating future clients in regards to healthcare options in natural health and wellness was very important to me as I was seeking educational options.

As a graduate of an accredited college,wife, and mother of five, I am equipped to offer solid, caring consultation to those seeking to learn more about natural medicine and wellness as well as counseling those that are seeking natural health care options to help with a current health issue. I can provide evidence-based solutions so you’re not endangering your health or wasting your money on pricey supplements.



Certifications received from Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health

    • Advanced Botanical Medicine
    • Family Herbalism
    • Pharmacology of Food
    • Natural Health Consultation
    • Botanical Medicine Maker

Holistic Nutrition Lab





Other courses completed through Holistic Nutrition Lab include Sweet Tooth, Bitter Truth, Fat or Fiction, Functional Nutrition 101

Numerous Courses and continuing education completed through trusted educators in the natural health/herbalism field such as

Rosalee de la Foret


Aviva Romm

Member of American Herbalist Guild

Herbmentor member

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