Comprehensive Consultations

As a Health Coach with training in herbalism and aromatherapy, I can be a great addition to your health team to equip you to make your own informed health decisions.

on phone ringAt your wits end and need help?


An initial consultation includes:

  • a comprehensive intake form to be completed prior to consultation. This intake will provide for me a holistic view of your health history, diet, lifestyle, and current health issues or concerns.
  • I will spend roughly a week like a detective looking for clues to solve a mystery.  I will comb through the intake form looking for any red flags or areas that might lead us to some answers to pressing health concerns or just areas to focus on for improvement for general wellness.
  • Once I have studied and researched your particular case, I will develop a protocol for consideration that addresses any dietary, supplement, or lifestyle changes.  Because of my extensive training in these areas, I will be able to give you reliable information regarding the efficacy or potential interaction of herbs or supplements you might decide to take.

Initial consultation: 99.00

To book an appt please email 

Currently only available to do virtual or telephone consultations. 



Once you are established as a client consultation fees are as follows:

1 hour 60.00

30 minutes 30.00

Mini-consult via phone/web 15 minutes 15.00

An initial consultation can be done via online, telephone, or local if within driving distance of Knoxville, TN


Recent client review “Mrs. Henrichs has been an answer to prayer! After years of just ‘living with it’ and a recent year of increasing discomfort and seeming downward spiral and after many frustrating doctor’s visits that ended in confusion and dead ends, my mom told me about Tonya Henrichs. I’m so thankful for her kindness, gentleness and thoroughness during a difficult period. She did the work it took to figure out what was going on with my system. She walked me through everything, step by step, showing me exactly what I need to do to get back on track! I can’t begin to paint the picture of how much better I feel today than even two months ago! My husband has noticed it, my parents and sister have noticed it and to top it all off, I’ve even lost over 20lbs! I have already recommended Mrs. Henrichs to many and if you have any questions about your health at all, don’t wait, it’s so worth it!” Mother of two, Alabama 



texting ringMembership

Once you have completed a comprehensive consultation with me, I am offering a membership to my herbal and aromatherapy practice.  This membership includes unlimited email support for questions that you have regarding the use of herbs.

*Even though this is labeled a membership, I like to think of it as an intentional relationship.  We will get to know each other well.  I will be able to give the best wellness information that is right for YOU.  You can easily pop on the internet and look up home remedies and go with it but that can be really risky.  It is so important to match the right herb to the right person not just to a disease or illness.  

Membership fees:

Basic: 5.00 a month

Included: unlimited email access

Premium: 10.00 a month

Included: unlimited email access and texting plus 2  15 minute phone calls.