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Natural Living From a Biblical Perspective
Many natural living courses today are riddled with pagan/new age practices. This course is for anyone looking to learn about natural living and how to apply it to their lives without having to sift through those practices. In this course I strive to give foundational content that is evidence-based. Natural living practices along with the study of herbs and essential oils, and recipes will be the focus of this course. The modules include *Healthy Body *Healthy Home *Healthy Family *Stick With It Plus you have unlimited access to my email for questions and feedback throughout the course. This course is self-paced.
Module 1 Healthy Body
In this module you will be learning the importance and application of reducing toxins, building immunity, and stress management.
Unit 1 Reducing Toxicants
Unit 2 Building Immunity
Unit 3 Stress Management
Module 2 Healthy Home
This module is to equip you in how to choose the right foods for your family, how to meal plan, and shopping. You will also learn how to apply natural living to your cleaning and laundry routine. You will also learn how to improve air quality in your home.
Unit 1 Real Food, Meal Planning, Shopping
Unit 2 Cleaning Options
Unit 3 Laundry Solutions
Unit 4 Air Quality How-To
Module 3 Healthy Family
In this module we will take a look at what you need to do to help your family transition to a more natural lifestyle. You will learn how to build a natural medicine cabinet and a first aid kit to go that can easily travel with you.
Unit 1 Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle: Getting the Family on Board
Unit 2 Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet
Unit 3 First Aid Kit to Go
Unit 4 Downtime
Module 4 Stick With It
Many people are interested in pursuing a more natural lifestyle but they struggle to stick with it. In this module my hope is to help you put measures into place to help you follow through on all that you have learned.
Unit 1 What am I Sticking With?
Unit 2 Why Should I Stick With This?
Unit 3 How Do I Stick With This?
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