For those in the Knoxville/Powell Tn area, I will be taking in-person appointments for aromatherapy consultations starting January 10, 2017. Appointments will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Available appts will be between 11 am-6:00 pm. To book an appt please email me 

Two options:

Acute Appt:

Roughly a 30 minute appt that includes a short intake and protocol to address an immediate need such as

*you’re going on a trip and need help with motion sickness.

*anxiety over a job interview, job responsibilities(that big project with a deadline)

*you feel a cold or the flu coming on

*stress from recent circumstance(s) in your life and you need a little assistance


*acute pain

This appt is $35 and includes a custom aromatherapy blend to take home.

Chronic Appt:

This appt involves a more indepth intake form to be filled out prior to appt that will help give information regarding a chronic issue you are trying to address such as

*chronic digestive issues

*chronic pain

*chronic fatique

*resistance weight loss

*chronic inflammation

A chronic appt is much more involved and will last close to 1-1 1/2 hours. A complete protocol will be given including diet and lifestyle changes, herbal and essential oil remedies to consider.  A custom aromatherapy blend will be provided as well.

Cost: $70

Ready to book?