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When a person is sick, it is hard to be productive and live a full life.

The term firstfruits is commonly found in Biblical text referring to the offering of the first and best of a harvest. Although many people might not be familiar with this term, more than likely they are familiar with a common saying, “We reap what we sow.” When I ponder these references, my thoughts have often turned to health.  I have asked myself, “What am I sowing in regards to health to reap later? What about my family?  What offering can I give from the harvest of my life?” When a person is sick, it is hard to be productive and live a full life.  As I thought on these things several years ago, I began to do research into what I could do for myself and my family to reap a better harvest of health.  This research quickly became frustrating because of all the conflicting information that was available.  Once I found people who were sharing credible information, I had a passion well up in me that could not be contained. I started to slowly make changes to our family’s diet and lifestyle.  As illnesses or minor health concerns cropped up, I would seek out natural remedies to try.  Being a mom of five children ranging in age from 8-19, I have had plenty of opportunities to exercise my herbalist skills.  Friends and extended family members started to take notice when they witnessed what these herbal remedies could accomplish.  They too wanted to use herbal remedies and not have to frequent the doctor’s office or be totally dependent on pharmaceuticals (by the way there is definitely a time and place for pharmaceuticals so you will find no harsh judgments here!).

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Even the most diligent health conscious person can face a health crisis….

In 2013, after a bout with food poisoning that led to a gut infection my health journey took a drastic turn. After spending months seeking medical help for my gut issue but finding no answers, I decided that my health had to be taken into my own hands. With months of doing my own research, taking digestive health courses with a functional nutritionist, earning a college diploma in dietary supplement science and working with an integrative physician, I was able to come up with a health path that led to ridding my body of SIBO.

Sometimes the hardest things in life propel you into a calling. I don’t want anyone to feel alone while dealing with a health crisis. When it comes to my clients, I view myself as their health detective and best friend. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to cry every morning wondering if you will ever get your life back. The isolation and overwhelming amount of work that it takes to get well can be too much for one person to bear. Feeling as if you are failing your spouse and kids because you’re sick is excruciating. I bring my knowledge, training, experience, and passion to each client. Life is too short to live in misery everyday!

Let me help you reap a harvest of good health by sharing wisdom that I have gained through my pursuit of holistic wellness that is obtained by incorporating changes to diet and lifestyle with whole foods, medicinal herbs, dietary supplements, and essential oils.