Many years ago when my oldest children were just littles, we received a gift from my Grandmother Thelma. It is a battery-powered Christmas Tree that has little ornaments that you place on the tree each day to tell you how many days until Christmas. I can’t believe this gift has survived for so many years. Each year we pull out our Christmas decorations and without fail we find that something has been broken or damaged in some way no matter how carefully it was put away. But anyway this Christmas tree is a survivor and thankfully so because the kids love it!

Well today I heard it from the other room, “only four days until Christmas!“. ¬†img_1393

For most of my marriage we have lived away from family and needed to travel every Christmas. Thankfully after a move to Knoxville,Tn last year we no longer need to travel. Even though we aren’t traveling, I am thinking about all the families that will be and 5 must haves came to mind that you should consider traveling with….



1. Essential Oils/Carrier Oils


Lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, sweet orange are just a few that I don’t leave home without.

Each one has properties such as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, immune boosting to help with a myriad of issues that you might face while traveling and being exposed to many new microbes. Sweet Orange and Lavender can help with stress relief. We all have those family members that seem to push our buttons right?! Lavender can also promote sleep. This is helpful for most people who struggle to sleep when not in their own bed.


2. Elderberry Syrup


This syrup is amazing when it comes to prevention or shortening the duration of a cold or flu. It can be picked up at just about any health food store or if you have ingredients on hand you can whip some up in less than an hour. It never fails there always seems to be someone fighting the crud wherever we go.

3. Ginger


This wonderful little herb can be purchased raw, powdered,or dried to make tea. You can also purchase as a candied treat. Traveling in a car makes me terribly nauseous so ginger is a must have for me. The tea or candy can help settle a stomach that is nauseous or help with indigestion from overindulging on all those Christmas goodies.

4. Slippery Elm Lozenges



These little sweeties help with that scratchy throat that you get when visiting a family members house that has dust and dry heat that you might not be used to.

5. Raw Honey


This can be a medicine in and of itself for many ailments. It works as a great base to administer essential oils internally if desired. Another wonderful benefit that I have found is that it can satisfy that sweet craving you might have. This will help keep you from indulging in Christmas treats that you are trying to avoid.

From my family to yours, we pray you have a blessed Christmas remembering the true meaning of the holiday.  Celebration of when the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us. The greatest GIFT! Thank You Jesus!

Shot on cartons decorated with string and label on a wooden table under Christmas tree with cones